Grand Legacy Motion Bases


The Ultimate in Comfort and Flexibility

Consider adding a Grand Legacy motion base to your selected Grand Legacy mattress. Whether you read, work or watch TV in bed,  a Grand Legacy power base is the perfect choice. In addition, if you have health issues related to GERD, or experience circulation problems, an adjustable base will help you find that just right position.

  • Modern modular (cushion/comfort) deck support with articulating sections that contour perfectly to your new mattress
  • 1000s  of positions to help you find your personal comfort and support preference
  • Wall-glide design keeps you in easy reach of the nightstand
  • Therapeutic dual body massage relieves tension, stress,  muscle aches, and improves circulation
  • “Gravity-Release” safety feature means you will never be stuck if the power goes out
  • Steel leg balanced stability supports with locking rolling casters
  • UL and ETL certified and approved
  • Includes adjustable headboard brackets so you can use your new or existing headboard or place base on the floor between your headboard – footboard.
  • Under bed “Room Glow” LED night light provides subtle lighting for safety
  • Back up battery system