Hotel Luxe Collection

For years, the supplier of Grand Legacy mattresses has also been a supplier of premium contract grade bedding to hotels around the country. From Motel 6 to the Ritz Carlton and everything in between, millions of people have slept on and enjoyed these well built, contract grade mattresses.

What’s Inside ?

At the heart of the Luxe Hotel is a premium, heavy duty “Platinum” 800 coil spring system with the following features:

  1. This special coil is posturized in the center 1/3 of the innerspring. 40% of the coils are concentrated there. This helps improve spring performance and overall durability.
  2. The coils themselves are Double Offset coils. This means they are squared on 2 sides. This helps eliminate coils spinning, reduces noise and increases strength.
  3. The helicals (wires that lace the springs together) are installed so they run from “top to bottom” . This reduces motion transfer significantly. When helical wires are installed side to side, the weight and motion of the heavier partner is always transferred to the lighter one.
  4. Finally, each row of coils runs in alternate directions. This helps prevent the coil from leaning, which often times happens when one partner is heavier than the other.

The Luxe Hotel mattress contains BioFlex® foams so that you have an environmentally responsible mattress that will last longer.

The Luxe Hotel also features Gel Fusion memory foam to help keep you cooler.

The bed is also Grand Legacy adjustable base friendly.